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The effect of high speed precision glue dispenser on the pro

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For the production line, high precision production equipment will enhance the quality of products, and the application of high quality glue dispensing technology is inseparable, high speed and high precision dispensing machine made of special aluminum, compared with the service life and the work effect of the traditional dispensing equipment for longer, more smooth high-speed dispensing link integrity, high speed precision dispensing machine has an important influence on the production of semiconductor industry.
Double station high speed precision glue dispenser
Production process of chip in semiconductor industry requires high adhesive dispensing equipment, in the aspects of the chip and PCB plate by high performance dispensing machine, which in addition to meet the filling dispensing fully, but also to ensure the normal use of glue can not overflow affect chip, high-speed precision dispensing machine made by CNC processing, ensure the high precision dispensing chip complete bonding on the PCB board, PCB board to run more smoothly at high speed, promoted the value of products.
Semiconductor packaging chip filling
The bottom filling and dispensing of the chip can also be completed by the high-speed precision dispenser. The high-speed and precise dispensing function fills the glue completely to the bottom of the chip, and supports the array programming dispensing, so that the output and quality of the chip production line can be promoted accordingly.
UV black glue
High speed precision dispensing machine is suitable for many kinds of glue, including a semiconductor chip bonding link need to use red glue, white glue, silver glue, according to the external structure of different products, the operator can teach for path programming connection operation, meet the coating bonding work of semiconductor products more irregular, easy to use operation mode to help dispensing the machine operator more comprehensive precision high speed dispensing work area is small and durable, suitable for bonding or packaging work in many industries in the.

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