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Use of the high speed dispenser's cost performance

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High speed needle dispensing machine accessories in some simple, the price will be reduced, the effect of dispensing glue machine will be reduced, the industry will be more concentrated, there will be some restrictions on the use of glue, reduced parts will have many functions can not be enough, but now the manufacturing process very high, dispensing needles can be controlled in the 0.01ml volume of the plastic, can guarantee the high speed dispensing effect.
Desktop pin high speed glue machine
Although the reduction in some parts, but the performance of high speed dispensing machine is mostly guaranteed, just change the dispensing valve into dispensing needles, which can save the cost of dispensing a lot, as long as the correct choice of glue, so that you can complete the dispensing task, is also more concentrated in the use of glue dispensing to complete the task, need to pay more attention to some problems, can not use low viscosity glue, otherwise there will be high speed dispensing leakage gum problems.
High speed gluing machine
Use the type of glue glue needle high speed dispensing machine, still be able to use high viscosity glue, the glue with glue dispensing speed and dispensing industry, performance and other aspects have not been reduced, if the purchase of a performance of similar equipment, only the type of glue used are more expensive, some will. Choose the kind of dispensing equipment? I'm sure the price is cheap.
Small high speed syringe dispenser
Performance of the on-line high-speed dispensing needle with high speed dispensing difference is not, but the price is needle type dispensing equipment is expensive, can use the glue type needle cylinder more, two kinds of dispensing performance as compared with the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine more advantage is good, if expensive dispensing equipment the choice of large high speed dispensing machine.

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