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Control system of high speed precision glue dispenser

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The control system is the most important thing for all of a fully automatic dispensing machine, semi-automatic and automatic. The difference is that here, the need for automatic dispensing mode control using control system, there can not be high-quality dispensing, control system is high speed precision dispensing effect dispensing, dispensing machine general are unable to achieve the effect of dispensing such, when the selection system need to pay attention to the effect of dispensing.
High speed precision glue dispenser for single station
The dispensing control system is divided into two kinds, the first kind of hand-held controller, second MCU controller, two different dispensing mode, has a unique dispensing control mode, two kinds of control are the advantages and disadvantages of the application of the two kinds of local dispensing mode is very good, using the wrong place two, a control system is rubbish, high speed and high precision dispensing machine is generally used first.
The dispensing machine belongs to a desktop type precision dispensing machine, desktop type high speed dispensing machine is the use of hand-held controller, easy to use, does not need too much trouble, choose to use small dispensing equipment suitable for dispensing, according to different modes of selection, dispensing control, for dispensing the effect is good the dispensing mode, according to the effect of high speed dispensing, dispensing quality will be guaranteed.
High speed three axis precision glue dispenser
SCM system is generally only used to large precision dispensing machine, desktop type high speed dispensing machine is rarely used to use, and the operation is too much trouble, not fully play the effect of dispensing, the dispensing system is a waste, not that the system is good to use which system, need to consider the operating conditions or basic dispensing effect do not come out to play, use according to the actual situation to choose, this can play the best effect of dispensing.

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