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Solution to the problem of high speed glue

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High speed is high speed precision dispensing machine, will appear in the dispensing process problems and solutions, automatic dispensing in the dispensing process there will be problems such as dispensing, common glue dispensing machine drawing, and this is the common problems, but these problems are well solved, according to these methods can solve dispensing machine drawing problems.
Multi station high speed precision glue dispenser
Although the dispenser is different, but the problems are similar, many dispensing machines often appear dispensing such problems, have developed many ways to solve, can completely solve the problem, but also can prevent the method of drawing problem, is through continuous innovation and have such effect.
We need to know about high precision dispensing problems caused by what factors after the re solution, so it can reduce the risk of problems, drawing is generally the concentration and use pressure glue connection, high concentration, low pressure dispensing, unable to completely cut off the glue, will lead to drawing still, the concentration is low, the use of high pressure will cause the glue used, glue point is too large.
Epoxy resin cured adhesive
High speed precision dispensing machine does not appear It is without rhyme or reason. certainly some dispensing problems, causes, different problems arise, the need to use different methods to solve, high-speed dispensing machine leak adhesive, is because the use of needles and pressure will be wrong, this problem does not appear, or dispensing. The solution is to change the size of the dot glue needle.
Big spec glue needle
To solve the problems need dispensing, dispensing with the operator or the need in accordance with the instructions for use, can not arbitrarily adjust the dispensing parameters after and after using high speed precision dispensing machine, a cleaning, to ensure the suitability of high speed precision dispensing machine, so in the production process are basically not the dispensing appear problem, final solution to these problems is dispensing.

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