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The necessity of maintenance of high speed precision glue di

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The system of high-speed precise dispensing machine is made up of hardware and software, and the hardware part is made up of dispensing valve, guideway, stepping motor, power switch, control system and so on. The control system is the core part of the high-speed dispensing machine, which can control the dispensing work of the high-speed precise dispensing machine, and the functions of the stepping motor in the high-speed precise dispensing machine are as follows: increasing the dispensing speed and increasing the accuracy of dispensing. Every time after using the dispensing machine, we need to clean the high speed precision dispensing machine once and for all. It can extend its service life and clean up the residue left during dispensing. If the high speed precision glue machine is stored in the long time, is it necessary to maintain and maintain?
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
It is better to store the high speed precision glue dispenser in the clean environment, and to put the cover on the body to keep the cleanliness of the high speed glue machine. Although there are some concealed objects in the dispensing machine, dust will still be attached to dispensing machine. During storage, regular maintenance is also necessary to avoid spalling and other phenomena that will affect the flexibility of high-speed dispensers. So what are the ways to maintain the high speed precision dispenser?
Cleaning agent commonly used in glue dispenser
High speed precision dispensing machine maintenance method: according to the nature of the use of glue to select suitable detergent, high-speed precision dispensing machine after cleaning can be used with oily will dispenser scrub again, avoid high speed precision dispensing machine peeling phenomenon, in the regular activities of the site can be on a bit of butter, ensure the glue dispensing flexibility. The spot glue valve, pressure bucket, guide rail and other parts in the high speed precision glue dispenser also need to be maintained to avoid the dust sorption to affect the glue work.

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