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Application demand of production line to glue dispensing equ

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The application of the rapid development of industry are inclined to high-tech automation equipment manufacturing in China, most of the production line work mode in the traditional manual operation and the drawbacks of manual production line exposure in practical application is becoming more and more obvious, in addition to meet the production needs of the industry continue to grow, and the quality of work and the expected results be quite different, in order to save expensive labor the cost of application mainly tend to a variety of high performance devices, so is the reason of using high performance devices dispensing link.
Single station full automatic glue dispenser
High demand for production line, the quality and efficiency of dispensing equipment should be satisfied at the same time, in order to further enhance the value of the products, high speed and high precision dispensing machine is made by anodized aluminum, which is more efficient than traditional dispensing equipment life and dispensing quality, can be used for a long time to perform stable high quality production dispensing work line, equipped with imported step motor as the driving way, contribute to the dispensing work product can perform more stable.
Desktop high speed glue machine
High speed precision dispensing machine occupies a small and powerful performance, has become a high demand for the work of production line equipment production line needs dispensing, dispensing mode stable can be achieved through high speed precision dispensing machine, complete structure and small occupied area, according to the actual application can be equipped with on-line dispensing mode, in order to enhance product dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
High speed precision dispensing machine is suitable for various high precision production lines in use, the chip package link in the electronic industry, the adhesive and the base of the link of LED lamp, mobile phone screen adhesive dispensing etc. can be applied to, according to the needs of different industries for more types of glue for high speed precision dispensing machine to provide quality level higher production line application.

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