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The full automatic glue pattern effectively reduces the cost

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With the continuous development of domestic economy, the technology of glue dispenser is gradually mature. The glue dispenser can be used in electronic parts, semiconductor manufacturing, cell phone shell making, power switch, loudspeaker and other industries. In order to facilitate the selection, there are many kinds, such as: dispensing machine high-speed automatic dispensing machine, desktop type automatic dispensing machine, high speed precision dispensing machine, the high-speed automatic dispenser dispensing speed is high, can replace manual dispensing work in the dispensing process.
Single station full automatic glue dispenser
The automatic high speed glue machine is based on the control system, and the precision of the glue is faster. Compared with the traditional manual, automatic high-speed dispensing function long time of dispensing work, because the rubber machine is equipped with a vacuum suction function, so the dispenser in the dispensing process does not appear the phenomenon of glue. As for the irregular curve using the traditional manual dispensing mode difficult to perform in the dispensing process is prone to leakage phenomenon such as glue, glue dispensing work effect. And the automatic dispensing function is completed quickly, so the glue dispenser will be used instead of manual work when the glue is done.
Application of adhesive to instant glue
粘接点胶应用 瞬干胶
For some special glue, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, two glue solidification speed faster, the dispensing process is easy to appear in the needle glue solidification phenomenon; and dispensing velocity of high-speed automatic dispensing machine is fast, can use the glue dispensing machine more and more species, the use of high-speed automatic the dispensing machine will improve the production quality in the industry. And the price of the automatic high speed glue machine is also compared. The automatic cost can be recovered by using the glue machine for about a year or so.

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