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The necessity of using circular automatic dispensing machine

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It is necessary to select circular automatic dispensing machine for dispensing bulb lamp. First, bulb lamp needs circular dispensing technology. Second, bulb lamp needs circular dispensing technology. The circular dispensing technology is very consistent with the requirements of modern bulb lamp dispensing.
Special transformation of dispensing platform
The dispensing platform of the circular automatic dispensing machine is different from the general equipment. It is to install four or five circular chutes, which are suitable for fixing bulb lights and dispensing products. There will be no moving problem. Round dispensing machine can use bulb lamp filling glue, bulb lamp dispensing glue and LED lamp holder glue, two products for dispensing requirements are not high, so very meet the current production needs.
Problems arising from incorrect usage
Choosing the right dispensing equipment can reduce or reduce the occurrence of common problems in dispensing, such as insufficient glue supply, air leakage, uneven dispensing, etc. These are common problems, bulb lamp dispensing process problems, easy to lead to product quality degradation. Especially when the glue supply is insufficient, if this problem occurs, a simple glue supply system and a pneumatic control device are needed. If not repaired, the glue discharge or production efficiency will be reduced.
Dispensing path design
LED lamp holder glue and bulb lamp dispensing demand will be some different, this is the product shape of the impact of different, after the bulb lamp dispensing, and then to LED lamp holder glue, need to set the dispensing path, which can complete the dispensing requirements, now the operating system of the circular automatic dispensing machine is relatively mature, set up. Setting is very simple, just control the handle controller dispensing valve point to point, straight line drawing two points, arc drawing two or three points, round drawing four points, as long as the operation according to requirements, LED lamp holder glue and bulb lamp dispensing can be completed, glue shortage or other problems will not occur.
In order to ensure the fluidity of glue, when dispensing, there will be no shortage of glue. The glue of bulb lamp is bonded with LED lamp holder. Requirements are not high, the choice of circular automatic dispensing machine to meet its basic requirements, and the price of this equipment is about 10,000, cheap, high quality, is the highest cost-effective equipment.

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