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For IC chip packaging, three axis precision dispensing equip

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IC chip packaging for packaging technology requirements are quite high, although do not need to use visual dispensing equipment, but with precision dispensing effect is necessary, three-axis precision dispensing machine is recommended as the main IC chip packaging equipment, not only technology can meet the demand, but also the price is relatively low.
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Dispensing efficiency
The efficiency of dispensing is usually determined by dispensing equipment. For example, the efficiency of three-axis precision dispensing machine is 500mm/sec, while that of ordinary dispensing machine is 300mm/sec. So we can know that the efficiency is directly related to the machine. The technology of IC chip packaging is different from substrate coating technology. The SMT point is used in IC chip packaging. Adhesive technology is a chip-specific dispensing technology to achieve production technology, and substrate coating to meet the production needs.
IC chip packaging
Accessories for precision dispensing equipment
Three-axis precision dispensing machine uses stepper motor, precision dispensing valve, imported solenoid valve, control dispensing device, double guide rail and so on, in order to achieve IC chip packaging requirements, which is why the choice of precision dispensing machine production equipment, SMT dispensing technology is not all dispensing machine can be used, need to have a certain precision. The dispensing equipment can meet the demand of dispensing, substrate glue does not need high-precision dispensing, general dispensing technology can be basically solved, and dispensing efficiency is still very good, according to the industry to choose high-quality dispensing equipment, IC chip packaging has its special equipment.
Three axis precision dispenser
Choose IC encapsulation technology
IC chip packaging is the most important is precision, the choice of visual dispensing machine can be completed dispensing requirements, but the price is more expensive, the choice of three-axis precision dispensing machine is the most appropriate price, SMT dispensing technology and dispensing efficiency, etc., are the most appropriate, the choice of expensive is not as appropriate as the choice of the right, which is made in China. The equipment recommended by the mobile chemical equipment.

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