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The dispensing error of automatic dispensing machine in auto

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Dispensing error always exists, but is this error within the range that can be sustained? This is very important, for example: in the process of component packaging, there is a dispensing error process, which leads to the inability to complete the correct gluing work, which leads to component packaging effect is not very good, resulting in component damage, this is not desirable.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
Does dispensing accuracy meet production needs?
In what industry dispensing, the choice of dispensing equipment is also different, so as to achieve low-error dispensing, such as: components packaging selection of three-axis precision dispensing machine, and substrate glue selection of automatic dispensing machine, so that dispensing accuracy is appropriate, dispensing error range will be reduced, will not exceed 0.02mm, this is the industry use. Method of dispensing equipment.
Is the industry correct?
The dispensing errors are also related to the operation, such as three-axis precision dispensing machine for component packaging, the control effect should be carried out precision design steps, but no operation, although the dispensing task can be carried out, but the dispensing accuracy is not enough to meet the production needs, dispensing errors occur. It is the incorrect operation steps that leads to dispensing error.
Three dimensional high-speed dispensing machine
There are also reasons for the use of automatic dispensing machine parts do not meet the requirements of substrate glue, will also cause dispensing errors, such as the use of dispensing needle barrel and dispensing valve precision is not the same, the choice of dispensing needle barrel on the substrate glue as a glue control equipment, due to insufficient glue control effect, the product error, the higher the precision. Product, dispensing error problem is more obvious, three-axis precision dispensing machine components packaging, this is the technical error.
Automatic dispensing machine
Advantages of selecting medium equipment
There will be no dispensing error when using Chinese-made automation equipment, because we will recommend which dispensing equipment customers choose, which industries when using three-axis precision dispensing machine or automatic dispensing machine for dispensing, so dispensing error value can always be controlled, which can ensure the production efficiency of manufacturers, but also can ensure that Quality stability.

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