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Domestic spray technology which is good, the first to promot

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  Domestic manufacturers of high-speed spray dispensing machine have more companies, and the quality of spray dispensing machine and spraying process there is a great relationship between spraying process, spraying process determines the quality of the product after dispensing production effect, then which domestic spraying process is better?
Injection process of high speed jet dispenser

  Which glue spray technology is better in China?

  There are many high-speed dispensing machines in China. To say which one has better spraying technology, we recommend Chinese-made automation. Chinese-made automation is a manufacturer which mainly focuses on dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories. The quality of the high-speed dispensing machine and spraying dispensing valve produced by the company is better. The product is sprayed by Chinese-made automation. Previously, the spray dispensing valve is assembled in the high-speed spray dispensing machine, which can ensure that the glue output reaches the best standard, and can also improve the product dispensing quality.
Injection process of high speed jet dispenser

  Automatic spray dispenser

  The non-contact spraying mode of automatic high-speed spraying dispensing machine can control the amount of glue out of the product well by assembling the spraying dispensing valve before spraying glue on the product. The effect of spraying glue on the product is also very good. The spraying process of automatic high-speed spraying dispensing machine can be full. To meet the demand of dispensing high-precision products, non-contact spraying can be used to complete the production without touching the products, which can fundamentally prevent scratching on the surface of the scratch products. In the high-precision dispensing industry has a very wide range of applications, such as electronic chip packaging, PCB board spraying, etc., but before use, it is necessary to select the appropriate spray dispensing valve to ensure that the glue output to meet production needs.
Automatic spray dispenser
  Selection of automatic high-speed spray dispensing machine can not only meet the demand of high-precision industry for spraying process, but also achieve the best glue output standard by matching with spray dispensing valve.

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