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Brief introduction of substrate gluing technology and proces

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Substrate glue for dispensing technical precision requirements are not high, mainly in the coating, glue is more particular about the degree of thickness and thinness of glue, some industries need a thin layer of glue, substrate glue needs to be thicker, in the selection of dispensing valve is more important, in order to prevent dispensing errors, shadow Ring to substrate quality.
Choosing dispensing equipment and accessories
Three-axis precision dispensing machine can be used for component packaging and IC chip packaging, with good performance in dispensing accuracy, mainly reflected in the machine parts, if you can replace the dispensing valve can also be used for substrate coating, dispensing accuracy are with such a good technology, for a relatively low requirement of the coating technology is also Can satisfy, dispensing error will be greatly reduced, want to improve the substrate glue effect, you can use a soft brush needle, which can improve the glue effect.
三轴点胶机 Effect of glue technology on product production
How is the glue technology accomplished? Starting from dispensing technology, three-axis precision dispensing machine has several kinds of glue control methods, dispensing technology, glue coating technology, glue dropping technology, and so on, different technologies will have different configurations, dispensing technology using precision dispensing valve and precision dispensing needle, and glue coating technology using plunger dispensing valve and soft brush needle, glue dropping technology can be used. The dispensing valve can also use dispensing needle barrel, so the application in substrate coating, component packaging, IC chip packaging will not appear too big dispensing error, to ensure product quality, this is the core technology that can be brought about by the use of precision dispensing machine.
Basic adhesive requirements
Substrate glue coating technology requirements are not high, but also carefully operated, otherwise easy to cause dispensing errors, the use of correct configuration also has details of the operation, in order to achieve a complete processing mode, three-axis precision dispensing machine we have a detailed method, but to use our production machine can be completely. If there is a demand, you can directly consult the customer service in the middle system, and you will be able to answer the basic glue requirements.

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