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It may be caused by these reasons.

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  When the circular visual dispensing machine will automatically reset after work, but in the use of the process will not reset the phenomenon of dispensing, in the next LED lamp holder, lamps and lanterns viscose sealing work affect the use, then in the operation of visual dispensing process, what causes the phenomenon of non-reset dispensing?
Dispensing does not reset

  First, the inspection work is not well done.

  Circular visual dispensing machine is an intelligent dispensing equipment, although there are many advantages in the application of this visual dispensing machine in LED lamp holder glue, lamp sealing links, but before use it is necessary to do a good job of pre-use inspection, mainly to check the circular visual dispensing machine is often moving parts of whether there is solidified glue or not If there are impurities blocking, if there are solidified glue or impurities in these frequently moving parts, easy to cause dispensing non-reset problem, then it is very necessary to do a good job of inspection before sealing LED lamp holders and lamps.
Circular vision dispensing machine

  Two, the circular vision dispenser system has problems.

  There is a great relationship between the automatic reset of circular visual dispensing machine and dispensing system. If it is not due to the non-reset of dispensing before use, it is likely to be due to the visual dispensing machine system problems. If the system fails, then it is very difficult to deal with, and And in the LED lamp holder viscose, lamp sealing links, if the circular vision dispensing machine system failures, will also affect the normal operation of viscose sealing, affecting the quality of product viscose production.
Circular vision dispensing machine
  There are many reasons for the non-reset dispensing of circular visual dispensing machine, and these two are relatively common reasons. If the system of visual dispensing machine has problems in the application of LED lamp holder glue and lamp sealing, it is better to go to the manufacturer specializing in dispensing to solve the problem of non-reset dispensing. It affects the quality of production.

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