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Application of three anti lacquer in PCB spray can play an a

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  Three anti-paint has a very good high and low temperature effect, used in the spraying process of PCB, can play anti-static, anti-aging and other effects, can protect the production quality of electronic circuit boards, in the production process of electronic circuit boards has a very wide range of applications.
PCB spray

   High precision glue spraying equipment for PCB spraying

  The demand of spraying glue technology for PCB is relatively high. High-speed spraying dispensing machine can be used to complete dispensing production. The spray dispensing valve is assembled in the high-speed spray dispensing machine. The spray valve principle can be used to spray the three anti-paint glue into the circuit board at high speed and uniformly. In the process of using the high-speed spray dispensing machine, the glue leakage may be caused by insufficient working pressure, which will affect the glue back-suction effect. When problems occur, leakage of glue will easily affect the quality of PCB spray work.
High speed jet dispenser

  The application of three anti lacquer on PCB can prevent static electricity.

  Electrostatic damage to electronic products is relatively large, especially the vulnerable electronic parts of Seiko, in the use of Seiko electronic products, if excessive static electricity, in the operation process will easily cause damage to the internal parts of dispensing products, affecting the normal operation of electronic equipment. The three anti-paint has the function of anti-static and anti-aging. The three anti-paint can be sprayed into the circuit board quickly and evenly by high-speed spraying dispensing machine to complete the work of spraying glue on the circuit board and carry out the next production work. But in the use process, may be affected by the principle of the injection valve and dispensing machine glue leakage problems, glue leakage problems need to be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the injection dispensing valve.
PCB spray
  In the process of spraying glue on circuit board, the work of spraying glue can be accomplished by using high-speed spraying dispensing machine and spraying dispensing valve.

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