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  The glue leakage problem of dispensing machine is a common dispensing problem. When the large-scale visual dispensing machine leaks glue, the greatest impact is the quality of product dispensing. In order to solve this problem, there are also many ways to solve this problem in dispensing industry. Which of these methods is the most effective?
Large visual dispensing machine

  Reasons for leakage of dispensing machine

  The causes of glue leakage in large-scale visual dispensing machine are: insufficient air pressure supply, air leakage in trachea, mismatch of dispensing needles and other factors. The spray valve used in the spraying process of circuit board is unnecessary according to the principle of spray valve, so the glue dispensing machine leakage appears in the spraying process of circuit board. When glue problem, can completely eliminate this problem, then in the circuit board spray glue links in the glue dispensing machine glue leakage problem can be analyzed from these two points.
Dispensing machine leakage

  Introduction of glue dispensing method

  Because the jet valve principle eliminates the dispensing needle mismatch, and the remaining two reasons are mainly due to air leakage, and solving this problem is very simple. Firstly, check whether the conveyor pipe is damaged and the pressure setting is normal. If the conveyor pipe is damaged, it is better to replace it in time to avoid the glue leakage of large-scale visual dispenser, which will affect the quality of PCB spraying production. Before spraying glue on circuit board, check the sealing of large-scale visual dispensing seal and the quality of accessories to avoid glue leakage.
Large visual dispensing machine

  Advantages of large visual dispenser in industry

The application of large-scale visual dispensing machine in dispensing industry plays a very important role, not only reduces the operation of employees, but also improves the dispensing production speed and output. Visual system is installed in large-scale visual dispensing machine. When working, employees can know the situation of spraying glue on PCB through LCD screen. This function can adjust and deal with the glue leakage problem in time, avoid the glue leakage problem affecting the principle of spraying valve and interrupt the spraying glue on PCB.

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