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Introduction of glue type in LED lamp holder viscose link

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  LED lamp holder adhesives need to be applied to circular vision dispensing machine, not only because it is suitable for LED lamp holder to complete the viscose work, but also partly because this dispensing equipment is suitable for the application of more types of glue, but also the installation of visual dispensing system, in LED bulb lamp dispensing, round lamp sealing and other production links are all It can be used. So what glue can be used to finish dispensing in the LED lampholder adhesive part?
LED lamp holder viscose

  Epoxy adhesive is suitable for application in LED industry.

Epoxy resin adhesive is a common two-component adhesive. Before the application of LED lamp holder adhesive and bulb dispensing adhesive, it is necessary to adjust the proportion of glue according to various requirements. Then the dispensing valve assembled in circular visual dispensing machine needs to be replaced according to the nature of glue. . This glue has good waterproof, acid resistance and other effects, but also with a multi-functional conductive effect, in the LED industry more widely used.
Epoxy resin adhesive

  Application of silicone rubber in viscose link of LED lampholder

  Organosilicon rubber is also commonly used in LED lamp holder viscose, bulb dispensing and LED lamp sealing links, silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance, electrical insulation and other characteristics, also occupies a great advantage in heat dissipation. And some LED products in the use of the process of power is relatively large, the longer the application time, LED products will emit more heat, if the heat is not timely easy to break down, but with the heat dissipation effect of silicone rubber can solve this problem, in the use of circular visual dispenser on LED lamp holder adhesion Before glue, pay attention to the glue output.
Silicone rubber
  Silver glue with conductive effect is also suitable for LED lamp holder viscose, lamp sealing links in addition to these glue, there are many adhesives can be used in LED production links.

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