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How to control the glue output and achieve the desired dispe

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  Glue output is very important in high-precision production. In the electronic industry, glue can not only play a fixed effect, but also play a conductive role through the use of conductive glue. But such fine products as electronics, glue output requirements are very high, then enter the industry. What are the ways to control the gel output and achieve the desired dispensing effect during dispensing?
Glue output

  Glue dispensing valve is used to finish dispensing.

  Spray dispensing valve is mainly for glue spray out to complete dispensing production work, through the use of this dispensing valve can complete non-contact dispensing work, in the electronic industry can be applied to prevent the probability of scratch, and spray dispensing valve in glue output control effect is very good, with high-speed dispensing. The application of glue spraying technology in glue machine can achieve the best expected effect of glue quantity. But choosing spray dispensing valve to control glue output is not available for every product, so it is necessary to consider the actual production situation of product dispensing.
Spray dispensing valve

  Setting dispensing parameters through teaching kit

  If the contact dispensing method is adopted in the contact dispensing of the product, the dispensing time and the dispensing pressure can be set by the dispensing machine teaching box. These details determine the amount of glue out of the glue, so the process of setting the parameters must meet the actual demand for dispensing. When spraying dispensing valve is used for production, it is necessary to select a high-speed dispensing machine with good spraying process effect to ensure that the glue output control can achieve the desired dispensing effect.
Teaching box
  The above is based on contact dispensing mode and non-contact dispensing mode to analyze, before dispensing high-precision products, operators can refer to these two methods to control the glue output to achieve the best expected dispensing effect.

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