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The application of tablet dispensing is relatively high.

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  Tablet computer shell dispensing requires high precision dispensing equipment, in the flat dispensing shell dispensing work to use strong adhesive UV glue to complete the fixed work, UV glue properties believe that understanding the glue customers know, this glue can only occur in the presence of ultraviolet light solidification problems. But in the routine work, it is easy to contact with ultraviolet glue, in order to avoid them contact solidification, in the tablet computer shell dispensing the best use of amber platinum color needle barrel.
Tablet dispenser dispensing

  Tablet PC dispensing should be compatible with a platinum platinum dispensing syringe.

  Succinated platinum dispensing needle barrel can insulate from ultraviolet radiation, in the process of dispensing UV glue tablet computer shell, can prevent UV glue solidification problems occur. Tablet computer dispensing machine will be used in dispensing process of tablet computer shell to complete the production work. Tablet computer dispensing machine has good working advantages in dispensing positioning accuracy, glue control and so on. By cooperating with the work of amber platinum dispensing needle barrel, it can also improve the production output of tablet computer shell dispensing. In the dispensing work of tablet computer shell, how to make the glue solidify quickly is a common problem which is related to the next work. So what method can make the glue solidify quickly?
Tablet dispenser

  How to make UV glue fast curing?

  UV glue in contact with ultraviolet light in the process of solidification, if in the process of dispensing tablet computer shell, production process is relatively tense, need to do the next step after dispensing glue solidification of UV glue need to be done by means of rapid solidification, before dispensing work, can be added to the glue solidifying agent, but This requires the use of two components of succinate platinum dispensing syringe.
UV glue
  It can also be equipped with a heater in the tablet dispensing machine to adjust the temperature of the heater to the appropriate reading. This method can also make the glue quickly curing, but in the process of operation, because the temperature control is not good, there will be negative phenomena, affecting the tablet computer shell dispensing, so this method is not often used.

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