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The inconsistent glue dispensing may be related to the setti

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  The influence of inconsistent glue discharging is as follows: the product is not tightly bonded, and parts are easy to drop out in the actual application process; the problem of inconsistent glue discharging may also affect the positioning accuracy of dispensing, resulting in the increase of bad dispensing rate. However, the cause of inconsistency in glue dispensing can be related to the setting of setting parameters of dispensing.
Dispensing machine is inconsistent.

  Is there any difference between glue dispensing and parameter setting?

  The influence of dispensing parameter setting and debugging is related to the working position and positioning accuracy of desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine. From this point, it can be seen that the dispensing parameter debugging is related to the dispensing inconsistency. Then, before the dispensing of the toughened film of the mobile phone, one of the parameters is set and debugged. It must be adjusted according to the actual working parameters, so as not to affect the tempering film dispensing because of the inconsistent glue discharge. Although dispensing parameter debugging and glue discrepancy is related, but the impact is not very big, then what causes the problem of glue discrepancy?
Desktop double Y shaft dispensing machine

  What are the causes of inconsistency in glue dispensing?

  The glue output of desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine is greatly related to the back pressure of dispensing, the time of dispensing glue and the viscosity of glue used. The back pressure of dispensing and the time of dispensing glue can be adjusted and set through the teaching box. But the glue viscosity can not be set directly, and can only be set in the teaching box. Before dispensing, curing agent was added or dispensing parameters were debugged to control the amount of glue and prevent the problem of inconsistent dispensing.
Desktop double Y shaft dispensing machine
  When the glue discrepancy, you can first check the desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine dispensing parameter debugging settings are normal, if the parameter settings are wrong, it is best to stop working in time, will work parameters adjusted after the phone to continue to work on the tempering film dispensing.

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