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It is said that the lamps and lanterns are sealed.

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Lamp sealing is more concerned about sealing, because the lamp tube will be heated, sealing is not easy to cause damage to the bulb or lampshade fall, so for high-speed dispensing machine to choose carefully, or will lead to a great deal of sealing problems, not conducive to the sale of lamps, choose high-speed dispensing machine for very heavy A key link.
Dispensing machine suitable for sealing of lamps and lanterns
Chinese-made recommend a more in line with the lamp sealing dispensing equipment, that is, circular visual dispensing machine, which is a high-speed dispensing machine type of high-quality dispensing machine, circular dispensing technology is more in line with the LED lamp holder sealing glue, 100% standard circular dispensing technology, can follow the lamp sealing prescribed range of operation Dispensing, and circular visual dispensing machine will not appear dispensing problems, such as dispensing does not reset, will not appear, the whole process can achieve high-speed dispensing, this is the recommended dispensing equipment in China.
Method for preventing glue dispensing from being reset
Non-reset dispensing is mainly a system problem. The constant-control dispensing system is adopted in the high-speed dispensing machine made in China. This is a PLC simplified program, which simplifies the operation difficulty, but other basic changes, so each program will continue continuously, dispensing does not reset, which will not happen in the dispensing machine made in China. No matter which one, of course, such a machine will be more expensive than the general price, because they are made of more expensive materials.
LED lamp holder viscose can also use circular visual dispensing machine, LED lamp industry many products can use circular visual dispensing machine for production, performance and application are more biased to this side, so can meet the production technology, LED lamp holder viscose can also meet the production needs, this is a medium-sized high-speed dispensing machine, adopt Using circular view glue machine to seal the lamps and lanterns, the effect is first-rate.

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