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How to realize full screen bonding technology for dispensing

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Full-screen film bonding technology is a relatively high requirement for dispensing machine. Ultra-high precision and circular dispensing requirements prevent the use of general types of dispensing machine to complete the full-screen film bonding technology. Only the most intelligent large dispensing machine can fulfill its requirements. General dispensing machine is prone to glue overflow problems.
What kind of dispensing equipment does the industry enhance for dispensing requirements?
Nowadays, the demand for dispensing is getting higher and higher in the industry. For example, the dispensing machine can not be used for dispensing on the flat screen and the shell of the tablet computer. Glue, on the recommendation of large dispensing machine to it, not only for the quality of dispensing products responsible for the manufacturers are also responsible.
How is the dispensing performance of the large dispensing machine?
There will also be problems in dispensing, such as rapid solidification of glue, the use of tablet dispensing machine for dispensing tablet computer shell glue and flat screen glue on such a problem, this is for the glue quality is not understood, this will directly affect the production effect, the use of large dispensing machine for dispensing, The full screen film bonding technology will not be a problem. What is the reason? The automatic dispensing system is installed. This system can only be used by large dispensing machine. After setting the program, the whole-screen gluing technology will be automatically carried out. The gluing process on the flat screen will be completed without manual work. This is why the dispensing machine can realize the full-screen gluing technology.
Will automated production affect productivity?
What glue fast curing, dispensing uneven, poor glue, etc., will not appear above, large dispensing machine than previously used tablet computer dispensing machine is more quality, flat screen glue and tablet computer shell glue dispensing machine will certainly not be inferior to tablet computer dispensing machine, and large dispensing machine is truly automatic dispensing machine This equipment has three modes, automatic dispensing, automatic dispensing and manual dispensing, to meet the production needs of various industries, the full-screen technology is only one of the dispensing technology it can use.

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