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The best reason for choosing jet dispenser for mahjong spray

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Mahjong spraying paint no longer use manual coating, the use of gantry spray dispensing machine spraying paint, can carry out rapid spraying, and mahjong 136 brands, there are 36 different patterns, and spray dispensing machine visual dispensing system can identify patterns, automatically identify patterns, and then mahjong spraying paint, but also to prevent Stop glue water drawing.
麻将点漆 Spray technology does not produce glue drawing.
Mahjong patterns can be automatically identified by gantry spray dispensing machine, and then visual dispensing system will be designed according to the design, then can be sprayed, each pattern will be automatically identified, so there will be no uneven dispensing problem, there will be no glue drawing problem, the visual dispensing system is very effective OK, basically no problem, similar to glue drawing will not appear.
龙门喷射式点胶机 The dispensing valve that best fits for painting.
High-speed dispensing valve is also a kind of spray dispensing valve, belongs to a medium valve, used for spraying paint is the most consistent, before the use of paint spraying can not be used other glue spraying, paint will stick to the high-speed dispensing valve, can only be used in mahjong spraying, although this is not good, but can be used Paint spraying for other products, this is the advantage of gantry spray dispensing machine, visual dispensing system can store more than a thousand programs, as long as identified, can be directly dispensing task, the effect is really good.
Optional technology for painting mahjong
视觉点胶机 Mahjong spray paint choose the best way to spray, the use of ordinary dispensing machine is generally unable to complete the dispensing task, this is the result of the experiment, spray dispensing technology can use paint, paint concentration is too low, fluidity is large, the use of dispensing valve is difficult to control the amount of glue, the use of spray valve can be controlled to spray The spray forms a dispensing and then allows the paint to penetrate automatically to achieve the coating effect, which also meets the spray requirements.

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