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Application of toughened film dispensing with desktop dispen

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Steel film dispensing is also a familiar industry for the neutral system, because for this industry, our machines are too applied to the steel film dispensing, so we have a better understanding of the steel film dispensing, the production of which dispensing machine is also more clear, to speed up the dispensing effect, can be a desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine. Save the visual sense of the product. This is a kind of equipment that uses the time difference of dispensing.
Mobile phone screen is attached to optional equipment.
Mobile phone screen fitting can also choose desktop dispensing machine, the two machines are similar, both have precise dispensing technology, after dispensing parameters debugging can be used for steel film dispensing, each point details to do a good job, product quality will be guaranteed, details are the real factor determining the product, although the choice of desktop double Y-axis dispensing. As a dispensing equipment for steel film, the dispensing parameters need to be adjusted manually, and each dispensing needs to be designed in place, so that the amount and accuracy of dispensing can meet the demand of steel film dispensing.
Meeting the core of dispensing technology
Selection of dispensing equipment is a very important factor. If a manufacturer does not select the machine that meets the technical requirements according to the actual situation, it will be very passive. For example, the dispensing accuracy of the machine will have a limit. Using double-liquid dispensing valve and precision dispensing valve, the accuracy of the two valves is very different, dispensing efficiency is very large. If it is different, it will be different, similar to the requirements of screen fitting and dispensing accuracy of steel film.
Four requirements for toughening film dispensing
How does the desktop dispenser meet the dispensing requirements? For example, first, dispensing accuracy must be satisfied, second, dispensing parameter debugging must reach 0.01 mm accuracy, error value can not exceed (+0.02), third, motor should choose stepping motor or closed-loop stepping motor, fourth, dispensing valve should use precise dispensing valve to meet four conditions in order to dispensing in steel film. It is impossible to guarantee the quality of the toughened film dispensing.
Dispensing equipment available
In addition to using desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine, only visual dispensing equipment can meet the technical requirements of dispensing. At present, the best technology produced in our country is visual dispensing equipment. Visual dispensing machine is a complex version of desktop dispensing machine, which has high dispensing accuracy and involves dispensing. Parameter debugging is also more troublesome.

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