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The main dispensing industry of silver paste dispenser

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The dispensing machine can be used in the industry, according to the use of what kind of glue are decided to use the high-speed dispensing machine industry is more and more, and the scope of glue is relatively small, how to use the glue used in an industry which, for example, red glue can only be used in one industry. Then, red glue dispensing speed the machine also can only use a silver paste glue dispensing industry, is the same, determine the scope of the silver paste can use high speed dispensing machine.
Double station silver pulp high speed dispenser
Silver high speed dispensing machine is mainly used in the electronics industry dispensing, silver paste adhesive is a special application in the electronics industry, so the high speed dispensing with characteristics of dispensing glue, glue dispensing machine to determine the characteristics of the scope of use. Silver paste in the electronic industry is the role of packaging also has conductive effect, the amount of silver paste will directly affect the internal resistivity of the circuit board, the use of the process should pay attention to the configuration of glue.
High power silver paste high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine using silver paste is configured in accordance with the proportion of industrial production, after the silver paste configuration needs to be placed in the shade for ten days or so to use in place, should pay attention to whether there is a deterioration of the silver paste, silver paste in the use of high speed glue dispensing needs as soon as possible, do not run out on the need for sealing the use of silver paste, comparison method and details.
Silver paste high speed dispenser
The silver paste used in the film industry electronic switch, it is conductive silver paste, because there are silver silver metal, with good conductivity, the higher the silver content of conductive performance is better, but can not exceed the limited amount, otherwise it will be counterproductive, the process needs to fit in with the silver paste the dispenser, the highest conductivity mentioned without waste silver paste.
Silver paste high speed dispenser is only suitable for electronic industry high speed dispensing, if you want to use for other aspects of dispensing, you can transform the dispenser, so you can also use other places to go.

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