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When adjusting parameters, it is necessary to adjust dispens

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Adjustment of dispensing parameters needs to be combined with dispensing equipment, because dispensing parameters are not uniform, so dispensing parameters in each industry are different. Selection of each dispensing equipment is different. According to the parameters debugging of desktop dispensing machine in the steel film dispensing as an example, this paper explains why the dispensing parameters should be adjusted in combination with the actual dispensing industry. What helps the industry?
Basic debugging before operation
Desktop dispensing machine is also a kind of commonly used machine for dispensing parameters of steel film. First, the size of steel film is observed, and then the fine-tuning system of desktop dispensing machine is debugged for the first time. This is not yet possible for dispensing of steel film. Secondary dispensing debugging must be carried out, otherwise it will lead to the debugging of steel film dispensing parameters. The problem of glue dispensing is inconsistent. The two debugging of the desktop dispenser is carried out by a handle controller.
桌面型点胶阀 Fine tuning system and constant control system
The effect of dispensing is directly related to the constant control system. The constant control system uses one of the most commonly used systems in dispensing industry, which can realize continuous dispensing and can stabilize production throughout the day. Moreover, the design is relatively simple. There will be a fixed program. As long as some parameters are replaced, the dispensing parameters can be debugged and then the dispensing parameters can be debugged. The toughening film can be dispensed and the gel effect will be more stable.
Operation of constant control system
Desktop dispensing machine for dispensing steel film, dispensing parameters debugging is directly related to both, such as setting up procedures, there will be greater advantages, easy to operate, any personnel after a training can basically learn how to operate the desktop dispensing machine, to complete the demand for dispensing steel film, the operation is very simple, this is very simple. It is very related to the accessories used.

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