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Dispensing machine can quickly wash the wall lamp and improv

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The initial way of glue dispensing for wall lamp is manual dispensing. Due to the development of technology, LED wall lamp dispensing machine is gradually used as one of the most important equipment for glue dispensing. The main advantage of the glue dispensing process is that the automatic point-to-point can meet the glue dispensing needs of each bulb of wall lamp. The wall lamp is very long, and the glue dispensing machine is generally used. They are very long, that is, large high-speed dispensing machines.
Mass dispensing experiment
洗墙灯灌胶 Choosing the core dispensing technology will have a better effect. There are enough customers in the LED wall lamp glue filling industry to prove that we have the glue filling technology in this industry. High-quality LED wall lamp glue filling opportunity can give full play to its high-quality performance. Sealing the required wall lamp can basically achieve zero error rate. This is the effect of high-end technology.
LED wall washing machine
LED wall lamp dispensing machine belongs to one of the high-speed LED dispensing machines. Super-long workbench enables us to remember this machine at once. This is its biggest feature. It is also manufactured to meet the needs of wall lamp dispensing. Conventional dispensing control system and accessories only increase the length on the workbench, so that it does not need to be manufactured. Need manual can also be used for lamp tube gluing, but still use a large flow dispensing valve, a large amount of glue, dispensing speed, also known as a high-speed dispensing machine.
How to achieve waterproof effect
As an open-air lamp, wall-washing lamp must have waterproofness. If this is achieved, which type of machine can not meet the production requirements, waterproofness must have. LED wall lamp glue dispensing machine is very good in this respect. For example, using a large flow dispensing valve, the bottom of the wall lamp can be glued at one time to prevent cracks, so that it can meet the requirements of wall lamp glue dispensing as scheduled. This is the method of neutral dispensing.

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