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331 dispensing machine is a representative desktop automation equipment in dispensing industry. It connects controller setting path and dispensing parameters to implement automatic dispensing mode. It has advantages of saving labor and material cost. It c.

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Shenzhen dispensing machine is a high concentration area of the industry at present. So far, the technology of dispensing machine in Shenzhen is the leading technology in Guangdong area. Many industrial applications need dispensing equipment for dispensin.

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Automatic glue dispenser is an automation equipment which saves manpower and cost. Users can apply glue on automatic manipulator by setting parameters and paths of the control board. As an automatic glue dispenser, multiple products can be put on the work.

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The demand for dispensing equipment in the manufacturing industry is increasing, followed by a variety of new types of equipment to provide a large number of user choices. This paper introduces a fully automatic operation and high-speed operation dispensi.

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High-speed desktop glue dispenser is also known as a 221 dispenser. In order to thank customers for their trust in us in the past year, Dongguan Zhongguo dispenser manufacturer decided to hold a New Years Grand Price Event. In order to thank customers for.

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Guide: Silica gel special valve is a kind of glue valve that can use high concentration glue. The concentration of silica gel itself is not low, and the flow is poor. It needs to use special dispensing valve as a glue control accessories. The research and.

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Hair ornaments are usually painted by hand before, because the former hair ornaments are relatively simple, not too complex process, but now different, now hair ornaments are very fine, some hair ornaments will be fine to mm as a unit, so fine workmanship.

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In the household industry, such as the installation or bonding of our desktop, wooden doors, etc., will generally be applied to foam glue. If there are fewer products requiring dispensing, we can finish dispensing directly by hand, but if it is a large nu.

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In the dispensing industry, there are many different types of glue, different glue, dispensing syringes used are also different. When choosing accessories for dispensing machine, we first need to understand the characteristics of glue, in order to select .

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Epoxy resin glue is the most used glue in the market at present. In fact, there are two kinds of glue, one is single liquid, the other is double liquid. The use of double liquid glue is more troublesome. It needs to use two-component automatic mixer to re.

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Visual spray dispensing machine, as one of the most advanced dispensing machines at present, has the technology of painting, and has the effect of spraying, and can effectively use paint for dispensing. This technology is different from the general dispen.

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Coil dispensing machine dispensing efficiency is relatively high, in this dispensing machine can be configured with a number of dispensing valves, the product dispensing bonding work, the dispensing production can be carried out on a number of products, w.

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Two-component glue dispensing machine is mainly for two-component glue dispensing production work, and two-component glue is in the bulk glue and catalyst glue will appear glue solidification phenomenon, if the automotive transmission dispensing link in t.

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High-speed spray dispensing machine can do non-contact spray dispensing work on the product, which has the help of spray dispensing valve and other accessories. In the application of production links, through the principle of spray valve, the glue can be .

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The amber dispensing syringe is suitable for UV light glue. Although the adhesive quality is very good, but in the use of UV light is easy to occur in contact with the curing reaction, if it is in the transparent dispensing needle tube curing caused glue .

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Three-axis precision dispensing machine is one of the intelligent dispensing equipments manufactured by automation equipment in China. It is mainly used in substrate coating, component packaging and IC chip packaging equipment. It belongs to high-precisio.

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Desktop high-speed silicone dispensing system is a special silicone dispensing equipment, is very suitable to use silicone dispensing, dispensing function is also very good, can be used to many industries, particularly in the electronics industry, the ind.

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Due to the advantage of our countrys labor does not exist, in the production of products are inclined to the direction of intelligent and efficient, the application of high performance equipment is essential, high speed dispensing machine to replace the t.

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