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Longmen desktop high speed dispenser

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Lift type dispensing machine commonly known as Longmen, generally refers to the desktop type high speed dispensing machine, which uses Longmen desktop dispensing equipment structure as the work platform, with the continuous development of the world industrial level, Longmen desktop type high speed dispensing machine because of its high efficiency, wide flat, has been widely used in dispensing links of various industries.
Longmen desktop three axis high speed dispenser
Longmen is two pillars of desktop frame structure connected with a perpendicular to the longitudinal beam, the double support structure is easy to use, and the features of working platform wide, stable structure, R & D personnel dispensing machine inspired by this is creating the Longmen desktop type high speed dispensing machine, can be used in the dispensing part of large objects. On the Longmen shelf high-speed dispensing machine is divided into Longmen high-speed dispensing machine desktop has a floor type.
Longmen single station high speed dispenser
Here in Longmen high speed frame dispensing machine desktop as an example, using the desktop design for Longmen and the influence of frame space, mainly used in bulk dispensing package link, the highest speed desktop type mechanical arm can reach 400 mm / rev, can keep its original characteristics in the long-term use, it reflects the the high durability. Through independent detection and location system makes Longmen stand at the high speed dispensing work does not occur when the error, equipped with a voltage stabilizing device, the dispensing machine tends to be stable in normal operation, easy operation and easy to use, for the initial contact with the operator dispensing more friendly.
Longmen AB high speed dispenser
Longmen high speed dispensing function applied to the flexible circuit board and printed circuit board dispensing package link, in addition to the desktop structure in Longmen can also be used like LED lights and other large workpiece mass rapid dispensing work, is the high demand manufacturer essential of a dispensing equipment.

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