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Opacity dispensing syringe suitable for shadowless glue

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In the dispensing industry, there are many different types of glue, different glue, dispensing syringes used are also different. When choosing accessories for dispensing machine, we first need to understand the characteristics of glue, in order to select suitable accessories. Like shadowless glue, it has a special nature, so we need to use shadowless glue needle tube. There is a special opaque dispensing syringe for shadowless film.
Understanding shadowless glue:
美式点胶针筒 Shadowless glue is also called photosensitive glue, which is also commonly known as UV glue. Whether the shadowless glue can bind and solidify has a great relationship with ultraviolet radiation. Usually, the shadowless glue solidifies only when it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Shadowless glue has such special characteristics that we should pay special attention to the selection of dispensing syringe accessories for dispensing machine. Shadowless glue dispensing syringe is suitable for use of opaque dispensing syringe, so that glue can not be exposed to ultraviolet rays, glue will not solidify, and the product can be smoothly coated.
Opacity dispensing syringe details:
When choosing syringes for shadow-free glue, we can choose amber, red or green, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation. All dispensing syringes will have a combination of syringes, pistons and adapters. American dispensing syringes are widely used in industry.
Advantages of shadowless glue dispensing syringes:
1. Design special non-inclined vertical inner wall
2. The glue can be produced accurately without residue.
3. The cylinder wall is thicker and the needle barrel is not easy to break.
4. The desired specifications are complete.
5. The material of needle barrel is made of high-quality raw materials with smooth gum discharge, which can work for a long time in a certain atmospheric pressure environment but will not break down.
日式点胶针筒 Scope of application:
Shadowless glue dispensing syringes are usually used for packaging between plastics, plastic and glass or between plastic and metal, as well as in furniture industry, such as tea table, glass fish tank, etc.

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