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Customization of desktop foam dispenser for foaming glue

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In the household industry, such as the installation or bonding of our desktop, wooden doors, etc., will generally be applied to foam glue. If there are fewer products requiring dispensing, we can finish dispensing directly by hand, but if it is a large number of products requiring higher precision, we will be able to bond with foam glue. It is necessary to use desktop foam dispenser.
Let's first understand some characteristics of foaming glue, foaming glue is mainly used for building door and window edge joints, or filling, sealing or bonding in the hole, and so on. Foaming glue is mainly cured by moisture. Foaming rubber is a kind of polyurethane material. Foaming rubber is suitable for leak plugging, filling, pasting, good sound insulation effect, thermal insulation effect is also good.
Advantages of desktop foam dispenser:
Desktop foam dispensing machine is suitable for foaming glue. Because foam glue is easily cured by moisture, it is not easy for general dispensing machine to dispense it. Our medium-sized desktop foam dispensing machine has a good chance of dispensing glue. This dispensing machine has a good adaptability to foam glue and is not easily affected by moisture. Other common manual dispensing opportunities are more susceptible to moisture and curing. Desktop foam dispenser covers a small area and is very suitable for operators to carry.
Application fields of desktop foaming dispenser:
Nowadays, desktop dispensing machines are commonly used in electronics, toys, LED or medical devices industries. Because of their small size and small weight, but with high precision, many industries will choose desktop dispensing machines.

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