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Visual spray dispensing machine with film dispensing technol

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Hair ornaments are usually painted by hand before, because the former hair ornaments are relatively simple, not too complex process, but now different, now hair ornaments are very fine, some hair ornaments will be fine to mm as a unit, so fine workmanship, manual paint is usually not able to do. Delicate. At this time, the visual spray dispenser will be used for hair decoration painting. The visual dispenser can perfectly identify the starting part of the decoration.
Visual spray dispensing machine is needed for hair ornaments: now hair ornaments are exquisite in workmanship, some high-end hair ornaments will be precise to mm as a unit, in such a high precision premise, we can not use the old set of manual dotting paint, if the high-end hair ornaments on the manual dotting, hair ornaments are very likely. There will be uneven lacquer level, high-end hair accessories, some will export, hundreds of expensive, cheap also dozens of pieces. On the premise of higher cost, we should have fine workmanship. We can choose visual spray dispensing machine.
Advantages of visual spray dispensing machine: visual spray dispensing machine is specially designed to control the fluid. It can drop or coat the surface of the product. Visual spray dispensing machine can realize three-dimensional and four-dimensional accurate dispensing, also can realize the operation of dotting and painting various graphics, and has accurate positioning and glue control. Characteristic. It is very good to use it in hair decorations, and it can also improve the speed of spraying, so as to improve the efficiency of workshop production.
Areas in which visual dispensers can be used:
Visual dispensing machine not only has the function of dispensing paint for hair accessories, but also has the function of glue coating and glue filling. It is also applicable to a wide range of glue, such as shadow-free glue, epoxy resin glue, red glue, etc. It can also be used to spray various kinds of ink, paint and so on. Visual dispensing machines can be used in hair accessories spraying, keyboard spraying, furniture dispensing, etc.

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