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Silica gel special valve with desktop dispensing machine can

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Guide: Silica gel special valve is a kind of glue valve that can use high concentration glue. The concentration of silica gel itself is not low, and the flow is poor. It needs to use special dispensing valve as a glue control accessories. The research and development of silica gel special valve just meets the requirements of silica gel concentration dispensing, so many manufacturers call this dispensing valve silica gel valve.
大流量点胶阀 Silicone Valve Parameters:
Model: zz-60 Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anode
Working Pressure: 4-7 kg/cm Minimum Glue Output: 0.1 mm
硅胶点胶阀 Operating concentration: 1-1000000cps feed pressure: <10kg
Weight: 409g feed size: 1"84npt
Duplex Cylinder: Stainless Steel Cylinder Rubber Radius: 3mm
Silica Gel Valve Application Industry
Door and window bonding, electrical appliances dispensing, LCD screen dispensing, explosion-proof electric box gluing, HID stabilizer gluing, medical equipment dispensing, wall lamp gluing, LED lamp holder glue, bulb lamp dispensing and so on, as long as the glue meets the basic requirements of use, can also be combined with desktop dispensing machine for dispensing. Similar to foam glue, this high concentration glue can be used as long as the glue meets the requirements. Just connect to the dispensing valve.
Machine for foaming dispensing
点胶阀 Desktop foam dispenser needs high quality dispensing accessories if it wants to meet the production requirements. As one of the accessories that can use high concentration glue, special silicone valve can meet the requirements of door and window bonding, because we can make customized dispensing equipment and can manufacture dispensing equipment according to dispensing requirements. The condition is still able for dispensing industry. Enough to achieve.
Silica gel special valves can be used by many machines, such as desktop foam dispensing machine and desktop dispensing machine. They can be used in different industries to complete dispensing tasks. Large dispensing machine can also be used to bond doors and windows with silica gel special valves.
If you can meet the production needs of our special silicone valve or desktop foam dispenser, you can call our service hotline 13928403389.

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