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Introduction and Application of Functional Parameters of Aut

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Automatic glue dispenser is an automation equipment which saves manpower and cost. Users can apply glue on automatic manipulator by setting parameters and paths of the control board. As an automatic glue dispenser, multiple products can be put on the working platform and glued at the same time. It can be used in dispensing of various electronic parts or automotive parts, which improves the efficiency and quality of glue dispensing.
221 automatic dispensing glue machine
Parameters of 221 Automatic Glue Machine
Model: zz-221 Products: Automatic Glue Machine
Repetition accuracy: +0.01mm/Axis driving mode: precision stepping motor
Platform Load: 10KG Working Voltage: Full Voltage AC220V
Driving mode: synchronous belt, ratio rod or guide rail air source: air compressor
Working temperature: 5-40 C. Working humidity: 20-90%
Applicable industries: dispensing of electronic parts, dispensing of mini-car parts
Single station 221 glue machine
Functional characteristics of automatic glue machine
This equipment belongs to 221 machine and has high control of consumables like automatic dispensing machine. Operators can control multiple glue dispensing machines for production at the same time. It is simple to operate and widely used. It can be used to finish glue coating on different combined paths such as points, lines, surfaces and arcs. The three-axis linkage system of automatic dispensing machine controls the rapid and stable glue coating on paths. Therefore, the automatic glue dispensing machine can be used to control the rapid and stable glue coating on paths. For fine electronic parts and automotive parts dispensing can be used.
Scene of 221 Glue Machine Factory
It can be used for dispensing and gluing various parts.
In many industries, automobiles need to apply glue evenly to the surface without spilling. Take the cable hole in automobile parts as an example, before assembling, glue should be coated in the hole, which is usually completed by automatic dispensing machine. This is an essential factor for new energy automobiles. At the same time, the angle between needle and dispensing surface should be adjusted well by automatic dispensing machine. The glue can be coated on the surface of parts with uniform and high accuracy.

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