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Recommend a number of specifications customized for Shenzhen

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Shenzhen dispensing machine is a high concentration area of the industry at present. So far, the technology of dispensing machine in Shenzhen is the leading technology in Guangdong area. Many industrial applications need dispensing equipment for dispensing. For example, high precision motherboard dispensing equipment should also be used for high precision automation equipment. This kind of automation support is provided for users with high precision demand. Various types of dispensing equipment, industry application effect is well targeted, to help solve the dispensing problem of a variety of production lines, in Shenzhen dispensing machine is the choice of high quality.
331 Non-standard dispenser
Provide a variety of dispensing equipment
Neutral automation is a manufacturer specializing in the development and sale of various automation equipment. It has a variety of dispensing equipment for different positions and uses. Common dispensing machines of 221 and 331 styles are used. Special LED dispensing machines or special packaging dispensing machines are used for different purposes. General automatic dispensing equipment mostly supports the assembly of a variety of single-liquid dispensing valves or plastic dispensing needles to support users to enter. Customization of line specifications and types can be customized into multi-station or multi-head non-standard customization machines to improve efficiency. It has a certain popularity in Shenzhen dispensing machine industry, so the promotion of the motherboard dispensing is large and the quality is excellent.
The main board dispensing is to coat the glue on the surface for waterproof and dust-proof performance, but also has the disassembly and heat dissipation effect, so at the same time check whether the plastic dispensing needle can be used properly and analyze the reason why the glue cartridge does not glue and start to solve it.
Medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer in Shenzhen
Requirements for dispensing glue on computer mobile phone motherboard
The main board dispensing needs complete accessories and correct setting of parameters to complete. The commonly used plastic dispensing needle can be suitable for dispensing on the main board, but the parameters of dispensing should be controlled, such as Z-axis stretching height, dispensing time and other parameters, so that the normal main board dispensing can play a role. Check whether other related accessories can be used normally, such as whether dispensing cartridge is blocked or not. The plug can flow normally in order to prevent the unglued rubber cylinder from harmful influence on the dispensing of the main board packaging, the service life of dispensing needle and the difficulty of replacement. Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer recommends the use of simple and easy-to-replace plastic dispensing needle.
Adhesive dispensing on motherboard of computer and mobile phone
In order to prevent this problem, it is necessary to check whether the residual glue in the glue drum is cleaned up and the internal fluidity. As a manufacturer in the field of Dongguan and Shenzhen glue dispensing machines, it can support users to customize equipment or consult relevant information on the official website.

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