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Desktop plane 331 dispenser dripping machine factory direct

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331 dispensing machine is a representative desktop automation equipment in dispensing industry. It connects controller setting path and dispensing parameters to implement automatic dispensing mode. It has advantages of saving labor and material cost. It can assemble various thimble dispensing valves or valves with various functions, such as 2121 dispensing valves. It runs at high speed and stable without dripping glue leakage and prevents glue valves from gluing pairs. The effect of consistency can be applied to rounding and gluing of electronic products, and batch silica gel ring dotting can also be carried out with this equipment.
331 Platform Automatic Dispenser
331 dispenser properties
Model: ZZ-331 maximum load: 3kg
Sports Tour: 300 * 300 * 100 Programming Mode: Teaching Box Programming
Working environment temperature: 0 - 40 C working humidity: 10% - 70%.
Use of rubber valves: 2121 point valves, including a variety of thimble dispensing valves
Motion Path: Irregular Curve Spotting with Drawable Points, Lines, Circles, Arcs and Other Paths
Applicable industries: electronic chip bonding, semiconductor packaging, laptop shell bonding, silicone ring paint, etc.
Non-standard custom 331 dispenser
Application effect in actual industry
The position slot of 331 dispensing machine can place several small parts at the same time to complete batch dispensing. When dispensing silica gel ring paint, the paint is evenly coated in the ring slot, and the circle slot of silica gel ring is aligned with the set degree under the condition of high plane consistency. After quantitative control of 2121 dispensing valves, the amount of silica gel ring dotting paint is uniform and the single batch output is high. For the control of defective products, users are required. Correct operation prevents the problems such as the rubber valve from sticking out from affecting the fluidity and coherence. 331 dispenser which meets the automation standard may have more application value and advantages.
2121 thimble dispensing valve
331 dispensing machine can be equipped with many rubber valves such as 2121 dispensing valves, such as large flow silica gel dispensing valves, storage dispensing of two-component glue, etc. The storage and transportation of fluids with precision structure is not easy to cause the problem of non-gluing of rubber valves, which has become the mainstream equipment in the current automatic dispensing equipment.

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