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Direct Supply of Large Plane Dual-Position 4331 Dispenser by

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The value of automatic dispensing equipment is one of the benchmarks besides judging the execution speed of the machine. The 4331 dispensing machine belongs to one of the duplex position dispensing machines. It is famous for the double position platform control valve dispensing two groups of products at the same time. The execution efficiency and application range are strengthened compared with the single position dispensing machine. The assembly of stainless steel pressure drums can be used for a long time. In the production of dispensing and gluing, 4331 batches can be selected to finish the gluing of capacitor surface cover plate for large-scale production to prevent the gluing problems that may occur after long-term application.
Dual-station 4331 dispenser
The function of 4331 dispenser is introduced.
Model: zz-4331 Operating Platform: Duplex Locus Rubber Machine
Sports stroke: 400 * 300 * 300 * 100mm rubber supply container: stainless steel pressure barrel can be connected
Motor system: imported precision stepping motor rubber repetition accuracy: +0.02mm
Operation mode: point, line, surface, arc and other irregular programming mode: teaching box control
Ambient temperature: 5-40 ambient humidity: 20-90%.
Stainless steel dispensing barrel
Good performance of stable and continuous rubber supply
Selection of large platform can complete a variety of dispensing glue production for a long time. The requirements of accuracy and efficiency of capacitor cover glue coating can not be completed by manual operation alone. 4331 dispensing machine with automatic operation can be used for uniform glue coating on the surface of large production cover plate. It can control glue coating on the surface of capacitor cover plate for a long time, strengthen the effect of fixing and sealing, and play a certain role in shock prevention. It can be connected with stainless steel pressure barrel to continuously glue the cover plate and control the rate of good products.
Capacitive coating
4331 dispensing machine can batch finish the production line of covering glue with high precision requirement, select stainless steel pressure barrel for continuous glue supply, avoid glue shortage and glue shortage during long operation, and precise glue control to prevent the impact of multiple glue problems, which is the recommended equipment for improving efficiency and product rate.

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