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221-stroke automatic white latex dispensing machine

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221-stroke desktop dispensing machine belongs to the mainstream equipment. The recommended white latex dispensing machine also belongs to 221-stroke dispensing equipment. Small carton bonding board can be used to finish the gluing work with white latex dispensing machine. Even small bottle cap dispensing machine with strong demand for consistency can be applied. The properties and functions of this dispensing equipment will be briefly introduced below.
Automatic dispensing machine for white latex
Brief introduction of properties of white latex dispenser
Equipment Name: White latex dispensing machine model: ZZ-221
Operating System: Chinese Operating Software System
Control System: PC + Motion Control Card Air Pressure: 0.3-0.6MPA
Dispensing Path: Continuous Dispensing Function of Irregular Curves such as Arbitrary Points, Lines, Surfaces and Arcs
Industry applications: two-sided veneer, carton bonding, bottle cap gluing, etc.
Medium-made 221 white latex dispenser
The links suitable for white latex coating
White latex dispenser is mainly used to quantitatively control the special fluid of white latex for sealing and bonding. It is synthesized by water as dispersing medium. It belongs to a subclass of water-borne environmental friendly adhesives. It has high bonding strength and good curing efficiency. It is widely used in bonding wood board to carton and other types of manufacturing links. White latex dispenser can also be used in bottle cap gluing with batch height of one. Controlled use in the production work belongs to 221 special dispensing equipment.
White latex adhesive
The application of white latex in carton bonding and bottle cap gluing keeps a high consistency with the functional characteristics of white latex dispensing machine. It can be operated by setting the whole row of copies on the control board and applying the translation point glue. The flow rate of white latex can be controlled with high precision, and the gluing path is uniform and stable, and the bonding efficiency is high. At present, it has become the automatic equipment chosen for sealing and bonding of wood products. 。

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