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First-hand supply of special sealed dispensing machine for g

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In the production process of garment industry, it is also necessary to control glue quantitatively and then apply it to the links of bonding surface or surface decorative dripping. This special sealing dispenser for garment industry is suitable for the production of garment, such as underwear dispensing and garment dispensing. The high control accuracy and batch production are its remarkable characteristics. The single-packed dispenser is suitable for the production of garment products, such as underwear dispensing and garment dispensing. The liquid dispensing valve can be used for most of the application glue. Sealing dispensing machines of different customized types can also enhance the quality of dispensing droplets.
Non-standard sealed glue dispenser
Description of parameters of sealing dispenser
Machine Type: zz-mf-331 Machine Name: Non-standard sealed dispensing machine
Machine stroke: non-standard and irregular travel speed: 500mm/s
Repetition accuracy: +0.1mm drive device: synchronous belt + power system
Control System: Constant Control System or Full-time System Program Storage: 1000
Industry Application: Custom-made dispensing machine can be used in links of underwear dispensing and various garment dispensing.
221 sealed dispenser
Application of Sealed Dispenser in Clothing Industry
According to the different application of the industry, the automation system can provide a number of non-standard customized sealing dispensers for users to choose. According to the batch production demand of underwear dispensing and garment dispensing, the dispensing machine customized for garment industry has the same effect on improving efficiency and execution accuracy. The single-liquid dispensing valve with different functions has high control accuracy of flow quality and stability. At the same time, the path of gluing can be set by the controller, and the hot melt glue can be controlled by a special single liquid glue dispensing valve to dispense the underwear. The influence of the high bonding strength from cup to strap and not easy to drop will make the underwear quality higher. The function of the sealing dispensing machine when applying the garment glue dropping is enhanced, and it has obvious effect on reducing the labor cost.
Underwear adhesive dispensing
The sealant dispenser of the first-hand cost price of the neutral automatic dispenser can be customized according to the specifications, and the setting of the journey and the installation of the workstation can be thoroughly understood in connection with the neutral dispenser.

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