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Customized desktop 331 automatic UV glue dispenser

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Instant dry adhesive, also known as UV glue, is a kind of special adhesive material, which is suitable for bonding and strengthening of transparent materials. It is recommended to use UV glue dispensing machine for dispensing and bonding. The main reason is that UV glue needs irradiation to solidify and has certain application requirements. It needs special UV glue syringe or automatic dispensing machine to put into application and production. Fully automatic UV dispensing machine can be used to control the amount of adhesive industry applications.
331 custom UV dispensing machine
Introduction of Machine Attributes
Machine name: UV dispensing machine (customizable) itinerary: 300*300*100
Machine Specification: Whole Model: ZZ-331
Exclusive accessories: UV curing lamp, UV rubber syringe out frequency: 600/min
Power supply voltage: 220V power: 1200 (W)
Industry Application: Touch Screen Adhesive, Light Curtain Adhesive and other Transparent Material Adhesive Adhesive
Desktop UV dispensing machine
Application effect of putting into application industry
Ultraviolet dispensing machine is mainly suitable for the reinforcement of transparent materials by dot coating with UV glue. Because the factors affecting the UV glue are relatively single, it is an environmentally friendly glue that accelerates the curing rate after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, so it is well controlled to use this dispensing machine to control the curing rate by adjusting the irradiation of ultraviolet curing lamp according to the technological requirements of the product, so as to control the curing speed and store it in the UV glue syringe Anti-curing and blockage, mainly for light-transmitting touch screen glue or light curtain glue dispensing products auxiliary batch production, can be used to control UV glue dispensing in a variety of forms, such as dot, injection, coating, drip, etc., is a practical and covers a wide input area of non-standard automatic glue dispensing equipment.
Desktop dispenser and ultraviolet lamp
It can provide non-standard customized UV dispensing machine to meet the needs of industry applications, and has unique industry application advantages in dispensing and bonding applications.

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