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Technology Introduction of Desktop Fully Automatic Platform

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Fully automatic platform dispenser has the characteristics of wide application and convenient and labor-saving. Fully automatic hot melt dispenser can stabilize and quantitatively control the amount and area of hot melt adhesive coating, help dispenser adjust different types of hot melt adhesives for coating and sealing after sandblasting of aluminium hot melt adhesives valve, and apply hot melt adhesives for coating and sealing of PVC tubes or packaging boxes. This automatic dispensing machine performs gluing.
Single-station automatic hot melt dispenser
Property of dispensing equipment
Product Name: Hot Melt Dispenser Model: zz-yr-54
Output frequency: 600 (times/minutes) repetition accuracy: +0.05%
Control system: constant control system rubber delivery accuracy: 0.01mm
Main Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy Drive: Synchronized Belt and Double Guide
Dispensing mode: any point, line, surface, arc suitable fluid: a variety of hot melt adhesives
Industry application: PVC pipe coating, packaging box sealing and other industries requiring hot melt adhesives
Customized hot melt dispenser
Introduction to the Application of Input Industry
Hot melt dispensing machine is mainly 331-stroke automatic equipment. It uses automatic system settings to coat and paste the surface of products. Hot melt valves store a variety of high-temperature fluids to coat and paste. Thermal insulation function prevents rapid curing of high-temperature hot melt adhesives. It does not drip glue leakage and ensures operation efficiency. Its application characteristics are high efficiency, good stability and high precision. PVC pipe gluing and packaging box sealing should be combined. A special hot melt valve is used to store a variety of high temperature fluid adhesives, and it is used for dispensing and coating by means of quantitative control, so that the improvement of yield and quality can be applied in more industries.
Hot melt adhesive coating dispenser
Hot melt dispenser with desktop automatic platform is mainly used for 221 and 331 strokes. It is mainly suitable for uniform coating of hot melt dispenser on the surface of products requiring automatic control. The hot melt valve with high life and stable operation has become one of the important parts for quantitative 

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