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High-speed and full-automatic mountable red glue dispenser

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This paper introduces a high-speed automatic control red glue dispensing machine, which is preliminarily understood by users. The wide applicability of the high-speed automatic dispensing machine and the matching of application technology are inseparable. Due to the difference between the nature of red glue and other types of adhesives, it needs a specific automatic equipment to continuously control the high-speed dispensing, which is mainly reflected in the demand for SMT glue or PCB board of red glue. In the application of glue fixing and other industries, desktop 331 structure can quantitatively control the appearance of red glue dispenser. Here is the description of product parameters for this equipment.
Standard version 331 high speed dispensing machine
Description of product parameters
Equipment Name: High-speed automatic red glue dispensing machine model: zz-331
Processing Range: 300*300*100 Accuracy: +0.1Mm
Display mode: LCD/touch screen weight of teaching box: 30KG
Driving mode: synchronous belt/screw motor: micro step precision motor/servo
Applicable media: common UV glue, patch red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB glue, conductive glue, heat dissipation silica gel, etc.
Typical Applications: Semiconductor Packaging, Battery Box Spot Glue Sealing, Coating and Keyboard Spot Glue, Smt Patch, PCB Board Glue, etc.
Special adhesive SMT red gum
Running characteristics of red glue dispenser
The travel of red glue dispensing machine controlled by fully automatic system is 331 of industry standard. Single machine can adjust operation with display screen. It supports three-axis space linear interpolation, three-axis space arc interpolation, elliptic arc interpolation and other high-speed dispensing modes. The precision control of SMT patch or PCB plate gluing can be realized by driving effect of micro-step precision motor, and the glue assembly can be realized. Valve is suitable for storing red glue and applying to high-speed uniform dispensing. It can adjust the dispensing without personal PC terminal. It has the characteristics of replacing manual dispensing operation to achieve a complete mechanized production mode. It has strong integrity in controlling the amount of red glue uniform coating area. It is relatively simple, convenient and high-speed and precise.
PCB Board Coating Adhesive
Many small and medium-sized automatic dispensing machines tend to recommend this red glue dispensing machine for quantitative control. The application effect of graphic recognition application is more superior and effective than the general manual operation. At the same time, the trajectory accuracy is high, which is suitable for SMT patch and PCB board gluing industries with high demand 

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