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Medium-sized version 2019 high-speed AB automatic dispensing

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The automatic dispensing equipment suitable for two-component AB glue is special. The high-speed AB automatic dispensing machine of 2019 edition was introduced to users for reference. The loaded two-component AB glue valve can adjust the two fluids to mix quantitatively at high speed and steadily to appropriate strength and fixing effect for application in bonding. It has the advantages of controllable AB glue ratio diversification and good market response. Applicable industry diversification is mainly in waterproof film coating, thermal shrinkage film coating and other needs of the industry glue shine brilliantly, the following will be based on the function and parameters of this equipment, such as a brief description.
Standard version 331AB glue dispenser
Description of dispensing equipment parameters
Product Name: High Speed AB Automatic Dispenser Model: Standard Section
Transmission mode: synchronous belt load: 10kg
Dispensing range: 300 * 300 * 100 weight: 30kg
Motor System: Precision Stepper Motor Ratio: 1:1 to 3:1
Suitable technology: glue filling, dripping, dispensing, coating, mixing, sealing, etc.
Applicable industries: connector coating, speaker coating, waterproof film coating, heat shrinkable film coating, etc.
Applicable fluids: red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, aluminium paste, UV glue and other fluids
Standard version 331 dispenser platform
Product Characteristics and Details
AB automatic dispensing machine can control the proportion coating of AB glue at high speed and steadily. It mainly relies on the complete function of precise driving motor and controller. It can control the size of glue and the different proportion of AB glue. The problems of speed, dispensing time, quick stability of glue discharge speed and no leakage of glue affect the coherence. The choice of precise two-component glue valve can be based on different product viscosity requirements. In order to adjust the ratio of deeper glue content, it is relatively durable and has strong application stability. It can automatically coat AB glue in the range of 1 mm. Compared with the same equipment, it runs faster and has better high-speed and stable effect. It is suitable for improving the production technology of waterproof film glue coating, thermal shrinkage film glue coating and other application industries.
Two-component AB glue dispensing valve
The high-speed AB automatic dispensing machine has fast response and good durability. The outstanding point is that it can enhance the stability of the precise control of the proportion of AB glue far better than most of the equipment. It is a popular two-component application equipment launched by Medium-sized Automation in 2019.

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