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Introduction of Functional Parameters of Desktop Type High S

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The filling mode is the main application of automatic equipment. This paper introduces a desktop automatic filling dispensing machine to help users understand. This high-speed dispensing machine assists in controlling filling and sealing in the way of automatic operating system. It has the characteristics of good quality, high efficiency and high precision, which is in line with the application and production.
This high-speed filling dispensing machine can be equipped with standard version 3131 dispensing valve to control the flow uniformly. Therefore, this device can be used to control the value-added range of filling compound in the production of industries with diversified demands. For example, in the application of batch demand in industries such as cable filling glue and lamp sealing, it can be used to control the demand of filling compound in electronic products or LED from the current situation. Equipment operation.
Desktop 331 control dispensing equipment
Brief Introduction of Functional Parameters
Equipment Name: Automatic Filling Dispenser Running Travel: 300mm*300mm*100mm
Driving mode: imported stepper motor control mode: control board + PLC
Location accuracy: 0.01mm running speed: 600MM/SEC
Filling mode: point, line, three-dimensional straight line, arc interpolation, arbitrary three-dimensional space path filling
Mainstream industries: cable filler glue, lamp sealing, SMT patch, PCB board glue, semiconductor glue, etc.
Applicable adhesives: silica gel, EMI conductive adhesives, UV adhesives, AB adhesives, fast-drying adhesives, epoxy adhesives, sealants, thermal adhesives, greases, silver adhesives, red adhesives, solder paste, heat dissipation paste, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent and other common adhesives for high-speed dispensing machines;
Standard version automatic filling dispensing machine
Instructions for automatic filling dispenser
From the application effect of the industry, this automatic filling dispensing machine meets the application needs of many industries in the control and stability of glue volume. Besides having some relationship with the installation of 3131 dispensing valve, it also has some relationship with the control system. The following is a detailed description.
1. High-quality aluminium profiles can be processed with good balance and exquisite appearance, high application life.
2. The internal structure adopts precise double-guideway transmission system, which makes the automatic filling dispensing machine more stable.
3. Programming with the control board adjustment is simpler, ordinary operators can quickly start to operate programming.
4. Using the teaching control board to adjust, it is convenient to write the filling trajectory clearly when programming. Both plane and stereo graphics are suitable for filling. It maintains good stability in completing the application of cable filling glue or lamp sealing.
5. The automatic filling dispenser is suitable for all kinds of fluidity glue. Standard version 3131 dispensing valve can be installed to control the glue volume.
6. Support USB import programming files stored in dispenser.
Power Driver
Neutral automation is currently selling a number of automatic filling equipment in the user's selection, automatic filling dispenser put into production with the improvement of efficiency and stability will be driven, interested parties can call: 13928403389.

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