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Intelligent dispensing equipment is widely used in the industry. This paper introduces a high-speed dispensing machine which is mainly used for the control and coating of PUR hot melt adhesive. This equipment is PUR hot melt dispensing machine. It is an intelligent automatic high-speed dispensing equipment. The special dispensing valve can be used to store a variety of high-temperature PUR hot melt adhesive. To improve the uniform control quality of hot melt adhesives with the help of stable control system, it can be used for the application needs of cloth bonding or shoe bonding industries.
Standard 331 hot melt dispenser
Equipment details
Product Name: PUR hot melt dispenser model: ZZ-331
Frequency of glue release: 300 times / Brand: Medium-sized
Air source: air compressor customization: Yes
Time regulation: 0.01 (S) gum production: 0.01ml
Applicable Adhesives: PUR Hot Melt Adhesive, Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Hot Melt Environmental Protection Adhesive, etc.
Industry applications: cloth bonding, shoe bonding, hat bonding, book binding, etc.
Desktop hot melt dispenser
What are the characteristics of PUR hot melt dispenser?
1. It can replace manual control of dispensing operations such as PUR hot melt adhesive to realize automatic and intelligent production.
2. The programming is simple and convenient, and the coating precision meets the requirement.
3. Simple product operation mode facilitates diversified control
4. Great improvement of production efficiency and coating quality
5. Strong consistency of dispensing effect
6. Stability can provide good control of coating effect.
7. Angle smoothing treatment, suitable for PUR hot-melt adhesive, hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive, hot-melt environmental friendly adhesive, etc.
Duplex 4331 Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Industry Demand Stimulates Market Change
The uniform and stable adhesive coating is required for the application of cloth bonding and shoe material bonding. The uniform coating can be controlled by the control operation of standard PUR hot melt dispenser. The hot melt head can be selected for special type operation according to the need of coating or scraping, so that the batch of cloth and shoe material can be operated. Quantitative requirements of PUR hot melt adhesives are met. Special heat resistant valves can support PUR hot melt adhesives, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt environmental friendly adhesives and other adhesives.
The new PUR hot melt dispensing machine has 331 journey single station and 4331 journey double station. With precise control, the dispensing machine is stable and even without drawing. Required users can call: 13928403389 to discuss in detail.

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