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Plane application of desktop high-speed R-axis dispensing ma

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In many products glued by automated dispensing equipment, there are usually some planes that need to be glued at the same time. Previous dispensing technology
The application is flat single-point dispensing, which requires multiple clamps, more A-glue application operations, and even more front and rear columns to complete the whole process together. This mode is inefficient. It requires multiple clamps and cooperation with many people, and even requires multiple equipment to be used together. High-speed R-axis dispensing machine can complete different flat coatings at one time. One clamp, one operation and one equipment are used to complete the whole process. fast
Desktop type high speed R-axis dispensing machine
The high-speed R-axis dispenser is described as follows:
Professional high-precision rotating mechanism can be customized according to the special fixture of the product, and can simultaneously complete the dispensing of different plane complex.
The emergence of high-speed R-axis dispensing machine does not require multiple installation, multiple glue, multiple switching procedures; dispensing process, easy to complete flow control.
Fully automatic R-axis dispensing equipment
Significantly improve efficiency, reduce processing costs, greatly enhance efficiency and precision dispensing, to meet the full range of standards and quality products such as R-axis dispensing.

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