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Super high speed dispensing machine with full automation

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Full automation has always been the goal of our human pursuit. Xiaobian thought that the first person who proposed full automation was a lazy person. He thought that only lazy people would think of this problem. However, full automation also represents the progress of society and the times. It means that we can work day and night without any manual operation. It is very desirable for some large factories. Today We want to introduce a kind of super high speed dispenser that can realize full automation. I hope you can like it.
Super high speed dispensing control platform
No more nonsense. Let's take a look at its functions first. Friends who have contacted the dispenser should know more or less about some things. When dispensing, they will encounter many problems, sometimes equipment problems, sometimes environmental problems (such as high temperature, etc.), which will affect the use of the dispenser more or less. But this super high speed dispenser, he can very calmly face the above-mentioned problems, so what's special about it? Don't worry, let's look down.
Super high speed dispensing control device
First of all, it has several different dispensing modes. You can choose different directions according to your actual situation. Some friends use it to point the mobile phone shell, so you can switch to a small mode to point, and vice versa. Of course, it also has the choice of single liquid and double liquid, through PLC to control the dispensing direction and action. Finally, automatic dispensing is realized.
221 small bench top high speed dispensing machine
Another point is that many friends asked about the high temperature, when this super high speed dispensing opportunity to the high temperature situation should do? Does it still work? We don't need to worry too much about the above problems. Because the material used in the super high speed dispenser is not 304SS stainless steel, we are very confident in heat resistance, and there is a special temperature controller inside to control the state of the internal glue, so as to point out a more perfect glue.

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