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Advantages and characteristics of high speed hot melt dispen

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The high-speed dispensing machine can be used as the intelligent equipment to control the fluid and apply the fluid to the surface or inside of the goods. The high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine with suitable hot-melt glue is one of the hot-melt glue dispensing equipment to complete the three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, tracking and positioning, precise control of the glue, no drawing, leakage and dropping. The high-speed hot-melt glue dispensing machine is applicable The glue, paint and other fluids used in the process of goods can be used to make clear points, note, apply and drip to the specific parts of each goods, and can be used to make points, draw lines, circles or arcs.
Double head hot melt dispensing machine
It has the following characteristics:
1. The high-speed hot-melt glue dispenser needs to reduce glue compared with the common industrial equipment. Specifically, the stable and intelligent glue spraying control technology is applied. The spraying effect is average, and the glue spraying distance and glue spraying distance can be adjusted. At least 30% less glue than staff
2. Reduce the human capital of the staff, because the intelligent glue spraying system is selected, so the glue spraying speed is fast and the working time is long. It greatly reduces the human capital of the work. It also improves production efficiency
Table top hot melt high speed dispensing machine
3. The intelligent control technology selected by the high-speed hot melt glue dispenser makes the actual operation more convenient. Just use manual. Foot operated unit. Adjust the spacing, standard and figure of the glue to be sprayed on the touch screen, and then make the actual operation drawing of the handle according to the personal goods
4. It has the advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction. The intelligent control system can make the glue sprayed out by the individual can be applied in detail, and it will not waste and lead to the increase of cost. The amount of glue sprayed in one way is average and stable.
Hot melt glue gun
5. The spray gun of the high-speed hot melt glue dispenser can be controlled by itself according to the actual needs, and the glue output can be controlled by individuals to achieve the required glue spraying effect.

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