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A special structure of non-standard triaxial dispensing mach

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The non-standard three-axis dispensing machine selects CNC hybrid production for the shell of the device, which reasonably confirms the verticality of XYZ and enhances the working accuracy of the device; it can be managed by a single machine without the use of an external computer, and the Chinese dialog box is equipped with a teaching box arranged with a block diagram button. Different quick matching allows you to easily adjust all dispensing paths. It is easy to copy the matrix of different paths, adjust the offset, adjust the correction point The CAD drawing of the product can be converted to dispensing path as soon as possible, reducing your programming time. Various I / O action joints confirm the combination of peripheral components, which can achieve independent adjustment of cylinder / motor, etc
Nonstandard triaxial dispensing platform
2、 Device specifications
1. Performance index of non-standard triaxial dispenser:
1) XYZ axis is adjusted by servo motor + screw rod + guide rail.
)Reasonable dispensing stroke: x700 * y400 * z100mm * r360 ° single dispensing valve needle installation
3) Moving speed X / Y axis 600mm / S; Z axis 250mm / S
4) Repeat action accuracy ± 0.01mm
5) Controller selection precision regulator valve and Taiwan precision solenoid valve
6) Boundary dimension of non-standard three-axis dispenser: 598 * 880 * 612mm.
Filling control coating dispenser
1. Rubber storage means: (customized pressure bucket), and at the same time, connect the dispensing valve to achieve dispensing, reducing the number of rubber changes.
2. The dispensing range of non-standard three-axis dispenser is 1-2mm from the round wall and the round bottom of the battery, so the R-axis is selected for 360 ° reverse dispensing.
3. Install precise dispensing controller with dispensing accuracy of + / -0.01. The controller contains the function of suction back, and no glue drawing occurs during dispensing.
4. The dispensing valve and dispensing needle on the z-axis of the device can be installed and disassembled as soon as possible and simply, which is conducive to your company's convenient adjustment of dispensing products (UV glue and AB glue) according to the production situation.
Attachment: This equipment is equipped with gantry type single platform (single Y-axis) + R-axis dispensing arrangement. The products with battery are adjusted in the base and dispensing link at the same time, the products are stable, and the three-axis joint can achieve dispensing, so pay attention to the reliability and dispensing accuracy of non-standard three-axis dispensing machine!
Non standard automatic dispensing system

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