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Manufacturer's non-standard customized spray type solder pas

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Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturer has developed and manufactured automatic solder paste machine according to the medium and high viscosity liquid such as solder paste and silver glue. The obvious difference between automatic solder paste machine and ordinary automatic solder paste machine is that the non-contact solder paste spray valve, i.e. spray solder paste dispenser, is adopted in the solder paste machine.
The spray type solder paste dispenser adopts the CCD vision recognition system independently developed and the high-precision spray valve of foreign brands, which has the advantages of high-precision positioning, high-speed spray and high-precision adjustment of solder paste quantity. The functions of ordinary dispensing valve and high-precision spray valve are as follows:
Tabletop type solder paste dispenser
First: high precision spray valve point solder paste function
The automatic dispensing machine can be combined with CCD visual identification system and non-contact spray valve, such as solder paste spray valve. The jet solder paste dispensing machine can meet the requirements of high-precision automatic control system with small dose of 2nl, the highest frequency of 50Hz, the highest viscosity of 100000 MPAs, and the precision of 98%. It is a productivity that is difficult to be achieved by ordinary dispensing valve.
The spray type solder paste dispenser adopts non-contact solder paste technology to deal with the technical difficulties of FPC soft board bonding / welding / underfill bottom filling / surface sticking / inspection paper painting / stack package pop.
Barrel solder paste
Second: ordinary dispensing valve point solder paste function
In general, the needle cylinder of the automatic dispensing machine can store 100ml of dispensing liquid. In general, the liquid used by the dispensing valve can also use various types of bottom filling glue and epoxy glue besides the solder paste. The precision and productivity of the solder paste are relatively low, and it is unable to deal with such phenomena as solder paste, glue drawing and high-precision glue control.
Micrometer spray valve
Precision dispenser is equipped with spray valve. Spray type solder paste dispenser can be used in liquid applications such as UV glue, PUR hot melt glue, solder paste, silver glue, paraffin wax, red glue, etc. it not only deals with the phenomenon of dispensing drawing and low productivity, but also in the field of liquid application and application.

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