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Desktop online high speed dispenser

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Online type called UPS, meaning is refers to the use of production in the pipeline, but an uninterruptible power supply, the battery is connected with the host, the host can direct current into alternating current in the storage battery, mainly to UPS in stable electromagnetic valve and a pressure transmitter and providing power, which can improve the stability of high-speed dispensing machine.
Single station online high speed dispenser
The use of desktop type high speed dispensing machine has a function, is the input voltage stability in the factory, UPS is equivalent to a load, but the failure of power plant ups will immediately become blocked, battery power output, then the DC into 220V alternating current through the converter, which allows high speed the dispensing machine normal work but also to protect the parts from being damaged.
Desktop online high speed dispenser
Desktop online is the high-tech R & D parts are high-speed dispensing machine configuration, precision screw, linear guide, servo motor, electromagnetic valve, electronic components, motor devices, industrial control machine, the core device of these high-speed dispensing machine, is the need for protection, the line can protect these devices not because suddenly no damage conductance device.
This desktop dispenser for high speed dispensing, dispensing accuracy are repeated to + 12.5um, three axis precision can reach this range, can meet the minimum pressure 0.65mps, positioning system is the industrial CCD system, using the Windows 7 system and PLC programming software, these are easily affected by external the factors, so need to use online to protect high-speed dispensing machine.
Online high speed dispenser
Desktop type high speed dispensing machine configuration online can not only protect dispensing machine operation stability, but also to ensure the product quality requirements, so that can decrease the desktop type high speed dispensing machine maintenance.

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